“Six of the best” were once considered the worst humanly sustainable punishment in British schools: a tremendous torture by the cane – customarily imported from the Indian Colonies. Caning inevitably later became a classic in BDSM sessions too, even with much more strokes than six.

The problem is that, like with any such practice, caning can be performed haphazardly or properly, applying a series of knowledge that make the experience truly unique. You need the right instruments, holds and moves, you need to know your subject’s anatomy and physiological reactions, not to mention having the right setting for the scene.

This Sunday, March 1st, you’ll be able to learn all of the above and more at Sadistique, the Milanese kinky event, thanks to the MasterClass held by no less than Ayzad, the foremost scholar and popularizer of unusual sexualities in Italy. Seats are limited, so please be on time. See you there at 3PM!