Less single men, more balance

A common complaint about erotic events is the prevalence of unaccompanied men. Of course nobody has anything against them, but it is true that this lack of balance may feel awkward for everyone in such occasions.

To facilitate a better ambience at the party, Sadistique therefore sets a strict limit to single men entry, meaning

No more than 1 single man for each 2 couples
(and free entry for single women)

We adopt the following rule:

  • Single men are allowed access at the ratio of one for every two couples in. This makes the party nicer both for the ladies (who don’t feel besieged) and for singles (who will find more accepting people)
  • The entrance order for singles is dresscode-based: the best look gets in first. This rule mantains a high aesthetic level for the party, for the pleasure of everyone inside
  • No exceptions allowed.
  • In compensation of these limits, the club has removed the extra entry fee previously asked to single first time members


  • Come with a partner! Invite a girlfriend and come to Sadistique as a couple: it will be a new and interesting experience for both of you
  • Tweak your dresscode! Since the best looks and attires are favoured at the door, showing up shabby is a guarantee of staying out
  • Be patient. It is better to enter ten minutes later than not getting in at all
  • Help us to apply these rules. The less discussions there are, the faster we can let singles in

The organization and the club owners thank you for your cooperation


Single women and couples have free access, provided they follow the dress code