Do you know the difference between pathological sadomasochism and healthy BDSM? In the former case the domination fantasies are acted upon somebody – anybody will do, since the actions are self-referential – while in the second case things are done together with somebody, with empathy and fun for everyone. The best way to live the latter is, of course, by visiting places where other extreme eroticism enthusiasts gather – like Sadistique.

The next edition of the largest kinky party in Italy will be on March, 1st in Milan. The theme this time is going to be “A special clinic”, so you are bound to meet lots of doctors and nurses with no intention of curing their patients at all… Choosing a topical outfit is an additional game to the usual dress code rules, and in case of a lack of creativity you can take a hint from this gallery on the official Facebook page of the party.

Another thing you will find since this month is a series of new kinky furniture, bondage suspension points and spectacular instruments of fun. Who is going to be the first to use them?