On the previous edition’s photoset

Sadistique absolutely respects privacy… but if you feel like it, you can enter the photo set, sign a waiver and decide to appear on this site. Here are a few shots from last month’s edition!

Last time the winner was…

Every Sadsistique awards two free entry tickets for the next edition!

To win, just step up to the photo set and get your picture taken in an outfit inspired by the theme of the month. The prize goes to the most creative and fun subject.

This time, the winner is the below portrait: we can’t wait to see what you are going to invent!

The next edition

Sunday, February 6th, the upcoming Sadistique will be truly magic!

First of all because it will host a new live performance by Anna Soares, whose BDSM music is based on psychoacoustic studies aiming to activater unconscious and uncontrollable erotic responses. Then for the MasterClass where you’ll be able to experience erotic hypnosis, but above all… thanks to you, since this month’s theme will be It’s magic!

Each person has a different answer to what makes domination and submission games even more magical, and we are waiting for you from 3 to 8PM to show yours and maybe capture it on the photoset, where the best themed portrait will win two entry tickets for the next edition.
As always, we collected a few pictures for inspiration, but the secret is to unleash your creativity. And if you are really just drawing a blank, there still is the classic dress code: gala dress or fetish/kinky outfit.

Even in this anxiety-inducing pandemic climate, the club hosting the party remains virus-proof thanks to the exclusive air purification system. Since entry requirements follow the legal mandates, please make sure to check out the latest on the Regione Lombardia websites. To ensure an even safer experience, the place is also sterilized daily via ozone saturation, and constantly sanitized.

Since distancing norms impose to limit attendance, to make sure you’ll be allowed in please book your entry via the Milano Kinky website.

This month at the most important BDSM event in Italy you are going to find:

  • The live performance of the new BDSM musica album by Anna Soares
  • The MasterClass by Mr. Mindwiper that will teach you what erotic hypnosis is really about
  • The exhibition of the incredible bondage watercolors by PraetorianX
  • The photo set featuring FudeSan
  • Our digital MC challenges. Will you achieve the secret goal set just for you?
  • The refined sound design by Severin

     …and of course top-notch play furniture, a safe and ideal environment, and above all lots of other extreme eroticism enthusiasts to chat, become friends and play with.

    Please remember that Sadistique offers a 10 euros discount to people under 30!

    See you soon in via Mondovì 7 a Milano: see this site for any information you may need about the party!