The amazing guests of the December 2018 Sadistique

The amazing guests of the December 2018 Sadistique

Here’s how it goes: you come to Sadistique – the greatest BDSM ever – and slip into your favorite dress code. If you wish, you can even follow the suggested theme of the month. Then you choose whether to be photographed by a pro on a reserved set, or you can ask them to kindly capture your play in a picture: either way, your pictures won’t be published without your expressed written permission in a signed form. A few days before the next party, we publish a photo selection here… and then at the very last moment we reveal which picture won two complimentary entry tickets for this month’s edition. Or, in a pinch: what are you waiting for? Come and play with us!


















Lola 4.0 to be unveiled at Sadistique

Lola 4.0 to be unveiled at Sadistique

The technology development of the latest years made robotics take giant leaps ahead, and thanks to an ever-growing openmindedness toward sex toys, many companies dove in the production of very advanced sex dolls if you want some cheap deals on the latest sex toys then there are lots available online so you can save lots of money. remember that you can use these toys on your own as well. There are also options for all bodies, from cock rings to G-Spot and prostate stimulation, to clitoral pleasure. To help you and your boo come together, we’ve chosen a selection of our favorite couples toys along with Electric Anal Power Beads that are out of this world. From cock rings that can be work on bio penises and strap-on dildos alike, to vibrators worn on your partner’s finger, to riding crops for those looking to explore BDSM, these toys cater to a range of preferences and budgets.

One of them is the Italian PleasureArts, who claims to have patented a key element to win the race to creating the first true erotic android: an AI based on the interpretation of the surrounding environment and people as perceived by a vast array of integrated sensors. The idea – which according to project leader Roberto Corona was inspired by the Japanese Ghost in the Shell series – has been secretly under development for years, and it is now finally ready for a public unveiling.

Where? But of course at Sadistique, the extreme eroticism event held monthly in Milan… whose next edition is scheduled for Sunday, January 6th from 3PM to 8PM. How can you miss such an epic event?

Come master the spectacular intricacies of florentine flogging at Sadistique

Come master the spectacular intricacies of florentine flogging at Sadistique

The possibly most spectacular BDSM practice ever is florentine flogging, or using twin floggers to shower a bottom with a neverending chain of blows coreographed like a juggling performance. As many enthusiasts have learned to their shame, trying to figure out the correct sequence of moves by simply watching an expert is next to impossible: besides needing a special type of flogger, you really need someone to break down the hands dance for you and walk you through it.

This is precisely what will happen at Sadistique, the legendary BDSM event in Milan, on January 6th, at 4PM sharp. In this month’s MasterClass, florentine virtuoso Maria will teach participants how to perform 4- and 6-points florentine flogging! But what about the floggers themselves? Well, you are in luck, because we set up a special agreement with the kinky artisans of AhhSì to provide you with excellent quality items at an incredibly small price, so you can start practicing immediately. How can you miss such opportunity?

Nine Stones artist Samuel Spano exhibits at Sadistique

Nine Stones artist Samuel Spano exhibits at Sadistique

Every month Sadistique, the big Milanese event for extreme eroticism enthusiasts, hosts a kinky art exhibition that to this day has seen international artists participate from all over the world. For the 2019 inaugural edition, from 3PM to 8PM on January 6th, we’ll be delighted to feature an exceptional guest: Samuel Spano, the famous author of the Nine Stones series.

Spano is an international comic and illustration superstar, specializing in a genre that mashes the Japanese yaoi with European style; refined seduction married with the most extreme BDSM. At Sadistique you’ll be able to see his works, a preview of the next Nine Stones episodes… and meet him! Distracting him enough from playing and convince him to draw something for you, on the other hand, will probably prove to be somewhat more difficult.

The 2019 of Sadistique begins in latex

The 2019 of Sadistique begins in latex

2018 was a triumphant year for Sadistique, confirming its place as the most popular and spectacular BDSM in Italy and one of the best in Europe. 2019 is going to start even bigger with a truly special edition Sunday, January 6th, in the same club we customary chose for its quality and hospitality. The party will run from 3PM to 8PM featuring several unmissable surprise we are going to reveal over the next days, but we can already announce the monthly theme for all the more fetish-y fans.

Following our tradition, a basic invariable dress code is required to participate, but every month you can choose to follow an additional theme allowing more possibilities of winning the contest awarding two complimentary entry tickets to the next edition. This time, also taking advantage of the chilly weather, we went classic with latex! And… no, it doesn’t necessarily have to be unoriginal. Try having a look at the inspirational gallery, and amaze us with your intriguing intepretations of the theme!