The suggested members‘ contribution to support and enter the Sadistique event includes wardrobe service and one drink.

Gendered pricing – For the venue hosting Sadistique, offering the ladies a lower entry fee isn’t just praxis, but a nice courtesy. We remind anyone finding this discriminatory that nothing holds any card-carrying member from donating any sum to help cover club expenses, even the exact same contribution of a male member.

The staff has the right to refuse the access to singles should their number grow disproportionate to the couples inside..


40 euros

Single males

45 euros

Single females

20 euros

Extra drinks

5 euros

Students discount!

€ 10 entry discount for those under 30
(counted on the female in mixed couples)

Win your entry!

Each month the person or couple with the best look who allowed to be photographed on the Sadistique set wins free entry to the next event!