Dress code

Sadistique is a special occasion requiring equally special outfits.
The goal is for everyone to collaborate in creating a sensuous experience, wholly separated from the mundanity of daily life, therefore

entry is forbidden to streetwear of any kind, so-called “total black” included 

Consequently, you have two options:

Gala wear – meaning what you’d wear for an Opera premiere, a red carpet event or an embassy dinner. Your office suit won’t cut it.

or (our suggested solution)

Fetish, BDSM, erotic fantasy, sexy wear –  Fetish isn’t just stiletto heels and latex dresses: they are indeed awesome, but there are many other ways to express your sensuality and uniqueness with your looks. You only need to dare, show off, stand out. Some perfect looks for this occasion are: Leather, Latex, PVC, Uniform, Goth, Dark, Burlesque, Full bondage, Zentai, Bizarre, Body art, Kinky medical, Berlin kabaret, Boudoir, Sexy steampunk…

Need a confirmation that your chosen outfit is ok? Write us at info [at] sadistique [dot] com attaching a photo – no faces for privacy reasons, please! – and we’ll gladly get back to you with a response and maybe some suggestions.

For our guests’ convenience, the club has full changing room and free cloakroom service facilities.


Here are a few suggestions to build your perfect outfit:

Avoid ordinary clothes

Sadistique is a special event requiring a special look fit for the theme of the party. Free your fantasy and leave your everyday clothes to let your true personality through!

Go for unusual materials

Latex, leather, Pvc, metal… why limit yourself to everyday textiles when there are so many other opportunities to let your sensuality shine

Elegance is paramount

You can be sexy, intriguing and even obscene without looking shabby. In grave emergencies, try to fetishize a great gala dress… Slovenliness will be bounced!

Don’t be shy

Sadistique is a BDSM and fetish party: showing a little more skin won’t scandalize anyone.

Underwear and lingerie are not fetish

Undressing to common underwear is not an accepted dress code (no, not even if it is black).

There are uniforms and uniforms

Are you aiming for a military or uniform look? No problem… but it must be a fetish uniform. If everyone used a common camo suit or uniform we’d look like a boot camp, not an erotic party!

In a climate of mutual respect, it is forbidden to use any symbol of military or political organizations: should they be part of your outfit, you are kindly requested to remove them before entry – or we’ll be bound to deny access. Thank you for your cooperation!

This is not a masked ball

Invent your own character with an original, exciting, adorable, unique, sensual look… But don’t mistake Sadistique for a masked ball!

Mind the details

The best outfit ever is meaningless if you destroy it with arousal-shattering details. Sneakers, retirement home underwear or similar horrors will stop you at the door.

Excuses are useless

Rules are there to be respected by everyone. Making up excuses won’t get you in, and especially:

“I am here by chance, I live far from here and I had no outfit with me”
“But I’m wearing black” and “Other parties let me in like this”
“You can make an exception just for me” and “But this was ok enough for you in the past”
“I’m friends with the organization / the owner of the place”
“I just want to peek in a little to see if my friend is already in”