The Sadistique dress code

The Sadistique dress code

Have you already thought about what to wear this Sunday, for the first date of Sadistique’s new course?

Leave the complaints and the tirades about the (obvious!) need for a dress code to participate to uncommon events to the online losers, and let’s examine a few possibilities together…

Raiding a fetish store – but the right one!
The appeal of classic fetish/BDSM outfits is undebatable: after all, they are purposely designed to tickle our most intense and arousing erotic fantasies, to exhalt bodies and give shape to the characters who live in our domination and submission dreams. There are outfits and accessories for every kind of person: while it is true that latex is best worn by fit people, it is also true that a thousand other looks are perfect even for those who aren’t in top shape or are past their twenties.

The real issue is a different one: where can you buy such wonderful outfits without breaking the bank? Many brands and boutiques have a limited and crazily overpriced offer – but luckily there are online stores! This long addresses list contains hundreds of sites selected for the quality of their products, their uniqueness or the especially affordable prices: you only need a virtual shopping spree to receive everything you need at home, and usually at a fraction of the price you’d pay in a regular shop.

Our only suggestion is to be wary of “no name” ultracheap sellers you can find on giant Chinese outlets. Many of them have excellent products – in fact they are the actual manufacturer of those sold by big Western brands! – but just as many sell low-quality items, or stuff cut for non-Western phisiques, which may disappoint you.

Creating your unique outfit
Choosing your look for a BDSM party can be a game in itself. Think of the image you want to project… Aristocratic Master? Scary virago? Impeccable headmistress? Secret police interrogator? Or maybe a very elegant butler, a Cinderella-like orphan, a human animal, or the classic chained slave?

You probably already have most of the items you need to take on the identity you desire at home. Street markets will yeld the rest, and at that point you can add a couple of final explicitly fetish details pretty cheap – creating an even more memorable ensemble!

The important thing is to keep in mind that Sadistique is no masquerade: the point is to create a special mood, out of the ordinary and most of all an arousing one. Of course each of us has a different concept of sensuality, but none of them involves Halloween costumes.

Go for a gala outfit
If you really can’t stand sexy outfits, do not despair! Starting this month, there is yet another option that won’t get you bounced at the door of the club hosting Sadistique.

Your alternative is to wear the kind of outfit you’d use at a gala night: smoking jacket for males, and elegant evening dress for the ladies. In doubt, think of the inevitable dinner or casino scene of a James Bond movie – that’s what you want to look like.

Remember that you can change at the club
One of the most ludicrous objections heard about the dress code is «But we cannot get out of home dressed up like that!»

In fact, nobody wants you to. Sadistique offers a large dressing room featuring make up mirrors where you can change, free cloak service to store your clothes and stuff, and even secure lockers for anything you really don’t want to trust anyone with.

Now that we’re clear… what outfit will you chose to visit Sadistique?

Renewing Sadistique

Renewing Sadistique

New dungeon furniture, lighting tests, new soundtrack… What you see above is the working site for Sadistique, where we are tirelessly working to create a BDSM event like you’ve never seen before.

After an impressive 130 editions, it is now the time to renew Sadistique to keep it unique, innovative and thrilling like on its debut date in far 2005. Such an important occasion sees the return of the collaboration between Ayzad and Shakner, the creators of the events that defined the kinky scene in our country, from Revolution (2004) to SECRET Fetish Party (2007) to Sadistique itself, which brought to Italy the play party concept.

Today erotic domination and submission games are no more a mistery reserved to a few extreme connoisseurs, but a widely publicized culture that may finally open its doors even to all those bearing this kind of fantasies but felt intimidated by previous kinksters gatherings. So Sadistique remains a refined party where you can play at all levels taking advantage of great spaces and outstanding play furniture, but it also evolves in a welcoming parlor where you can meet other eroticism enthusiasts. Experts or green, anyone with an interest for BDSM will find opportunities to discover new games, show off, admire fetish art or to simply get to know new likeminded people, without feeling obliged to do anything else.

Over the next few months and with your help, Sadistique will continue to grow into an even more essential event… but we’ll have to talk sometime else about this. Now we’ve got to get back to work: to see the results, come and see us in Milano, on the Sunday of November 6th at 15.00 – you wouldn’t want to miss the beginning of a new era, would you?