The last edition of Sadistique, the epic BDSM play party of Milan, was a bit of a surprise. We had chosen an easy theme (Casanova) to help guests with their kinky outfits, and yet most of them disregarded it for more classic fetishwear. Which is just fine by us, mind you, but if you really prefer to go for more outlandish themes like it seems so far… you are really going to like March’s suggested wear.

For the March 3rd event, we are challenging you to flavor your look with a dieselpunk flair. Think steampunk, but around 1945: military and art deco influences, mad science-powered heroes and villains, femmes fatales, strange industrial-looking devices, air pirates… the possibilities are endless, and you can always consult the monthly inspirational gallery for ideas.

You know the rest of the drill already. If the monthly theme doesn’t agree with you, just make sure to stick to the basic dress code: regular kink-and-fetishwear, or gala outfits. But doing so will dramatically lessen your chances to win the photo contest awarding two complimentary entry tickets to the best themed portrait taken on our professional set.