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Free from the limits imposed by reality, BDSM comics can be a truly fascinating trip inside the wildest erotic fantasies – if done right. In fact, very often exceptionally talented artists happen to have not even the slightest idea of what they are drawing… and it shows. The artist who is going to exhibit her works at the December 2 Sadistique event in Milan, on the other hand, is totally proficient in this subject.

Radaaria has been working as a fetish illustrator and comic book artist since the Nineties, but she also is a pillar of the Italian kinky scene as the founder of Legami, the largest local online community dedicated to extreme eroticism. When she is not drawing nor managing the website, she also is an activist for alternative sexualities – and this is why making her schedule and our party dates meet literally required years of attempts. This time however she will finally be present to enjoy the party and to exhibit her works – including a spanking new creation specially created for Sadistique.