Sure, Halloween may be fun. Yet once you’re done stuffing yourself with candies and horror movies on television, coming to the November 3rd edition of Sadistique – the biggest BDSM event in Italy, held every month in Milan – will make you meet a tad more interesting sort of creatures of the night. In fact, the theme this time is going to be Wicca, meaning the contemporary reinterpretation of the witches’ culture. These ladies aren’t so much about flying brooms and pointy hats, as they deal with a different type of magic… and for this occasion it will mostly revolve around sensuality.

Among love potions and domination spells, feminine rituals and witch hunters, you are going to find many surprises. But one: the contest that each month awards two complimentary entry tickets for the next edition to the bes thematic photo taken on the party photoset. So you can just follow the basic dress code, but it is well worth making an extra effort to style your outfit to the theme. Af you need a source of inspiration, we created this gallery to get ideas from. And we are so curious to see what you are going to come up with!