We are very proud of the Master Class series of workshops offered by our Sadistique. In fact, they are a big contribution to what sets apart this event from the competition: discussing the widest range of aspects of BDSM helps building a better, smarter and safer community, and in these years we had the honor of hosting some of the greatest names in the field and of touching upon the most diverse subjects. The March 3rd lecture, however, will challenge even the most hardcore kinkster.

Our guest teacher will be our recurring piercing and body modification expert Silvio Pan, who is going to teach nothing less than play suturing – which, despite the name, is far from being a pretend practice. As usual, the focus will be on safety, best practices and everything that helps to keep games fun. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your clinical games more realistic by stitching sensitive parts for entertainment, this is an occasion you truly can’t miss. Then, of course, Silvio will be at hand to let you try on yourself his techniques – and possibly for a surprise.