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Member of the Guild of Erotic Artists and of the Association of Erotic Artists, the British photographer Tim Rosier is only active since 2005 but undoubtedly accomplished nonetheless. And don’t trust our word on this, but that of Jade Magazine, who awarded him as Erotic Artist of the Year in 2012.

Since then, Rosier has only got better. He now specializes in kinky – very kinky – subjects, with a true passion for shooting within derelict buildings. He turns them into psychoerotic theatres where strange rituals of pain and pleasure happen, following a mysterious script that the viewers can only imagine. We regret not to be able to show you the full photo pictured above, but the social networks would have banned us in a blink. Seeing it in full, however, is as easy as it gets: just pop by Sadistique, the longest-standing BDSM event in Italy, on Sunday, July 1st in Milano, and you’ll be able to admire the works of Tim Rosier in a special exhibition for true kink connoisseurs. Oh, and did we mention the attached party?