The world of the kinky arts is full of hidden gems, that must be sought out with passion before being able to feed our innermost dreams. Imaginar3 is one of them: a French artist who expatriated in South-East Asia whose exceptional creativity and technique are only equal to his modesty. About himself, in fact, he only says: “married, one child, two cats”.

What he glosses over, however, is his wonderful BDSM universe, which perfectly resonates with the spirit of Sadistiquethe play party that for over 13 years has animated Milan attracting enthusiasts from all over the country and abroad. The works that capture it can be divided into two main groups: the illustrations – that often make up sequences telling whole stories – and the photo maniupulations that give life to a dreamlike, occasionally unsettling eroticism that fascinates with its very impossibility. On April 8th, we will be honored to exhibit for the first time in this country a selection of works in large format, that we are sure will enter your dreams as well as they did with ours.