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Each month, choosing a different theme for Sadistique, the BDSM event held in Milano since 2005, isn’t especially difficult – but the occasions that lend themselves so easily to a suggested dress code are rare and far between. This time, however, we only needed one minute: «Hmm… It’s December… December has Christmas… Christmas is…»… «Well, it’s white, isn’t it?»

Of course it is, and Whit is the theme for the 3rd December party! Like every month, to attend you must follow the basic attire rule (fetish or gala outfit) – but going the extra mile of the chosen theme will increase your chances to win the prize for the best portrait of the month. Namely, two tickets for the next party! Are you ready to assemble a kinky outfit featuring at least one white element? If you need some suggestions, we readied a whole gallery for your inspiration!