The Sadistique staff would like to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful guests for their outstanding participation to what is now the measurably greatest BDSM party in Italy. The April edition marked the first time the venue hosting Sadistique had to close the doors to further guests because the club had reached its maximum allowed capacity. That’s right! We just couldn’t accomodate all the people who wanted in!

While we are of course overjoyed for the success, we also appreciate the discomfort of the people who couldn’t join us on yet another wonderful event. We are now actively working to accomodate more guests in the future, but it might take a while due to the notoriously slow national bureaucracy. In the meantime, we strongly suggest to organize your next attendances in order to be at the club as soon as possible (meaning 3 pm) and to please be patient as the staff processes the incoming guests’ cards and wardrobe.

The next appointment with Sadistique will be on May 7th with an extra-special event waiting for you. Please follow this News section – or just subscribe to our newsletter – to stay informed about the upcoming events… and see you soon!