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Sadistique, the BDSM event held on the first Sunday of each month, is now famous for being a complete attraction for extreme eroticism lovers. Of course there is the party, there is a venue like no others, there is the photo set with its contest, there are the kinky art exhibitions and special events, and just for not lacking one thing there also is a class to learn new things about the art of domination each time.

This time the Master Class will be held by one of the most famous Italian dominatrixes, the beautiful and smart Claire Delacroix, who will lecture on a topic with lots of enthusiasts, but also especially delicate. Literally. The subject is going to beĀ ballbusting, that is testicle torture through impacts and compressions. It is something that intense BDSM lovers find very exciting, but that also obviously require some serious technical knowledge in order to avoid causing physical damage – exactly the kind of information that will be discussed during the lesson.

So… Are you ready to get serious?