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How often did you hear the expression “whips and chains” to indicate BDSM, like in the famous Rihanna song? And, come to think of it, how rarely chains are actually used in erotic domination and submission games?

To give the idiom some credibility, the theme for the September edition of Sadistique – the BDSM event where kinksters meet since 2005 in Milano – will be Whips & Chains precisely, which therefore also is the suggestion for the dress code to follow. As always, remember this is just an idea in addition to the regular rules to be admitted to the party – but also remember that if you’ll choose to be photographed with a themed outfit your chances to win two free tickets for the next month’s party will be greater!

Finally, if you really need some inspiration, we set up a themed picture gallery for you. See you on Sunday 3rd!