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FudeSan is one of the recurring photographers on the set of Sadistiquethe Milanese meeting for BDSM enthusiasts going live on each first Sunday of the month for over 12 years now. But very few people know that, beyond being a great photographer and illustrator, our friend is also an expert chef and a big connoisseur of the pleasures of food.

So, it was somewhat inevitable that FudeSan collected all of his passions in an unparalleled work: Donne, alcol e altro (trans. ‘Women, alcohol and otherwise’) – a book that puts together splendid black and white photos and aphrodisiac cocktail recipes… and more, of course. But you will be able to discover all about it yourself participating to the June 4th event, during which the author himself will tell about the history of this project. And who knows: maybe you will also be able to taste his creations!