The Sadistique photo set is slowly becoming yet another unmissable attraction for the premier Italian BDSM event held each month in Milano: for each picture you see in our gallery and in this blog, countless more are shot every month with the explicit permission of their subjects, and privately sent them as a pleasant souvenir of a great party. Now that Sadistique is finally running quite smoothly, we are happy to announce that we’ll be starting to rotate the guest artists on the set, and the next one is so exciting!

Nicholas Bastianello is a photographer and video maker who bases his varied body of work on an extremely rigorous approach to planning and designing each shot. This foresight sure pays, as the below video can attest with its unsettling and sexy imagery. This 5th of March he will be waiting for you at Sadistique to turn you into yet another work of art – and we can’t wait for your authorization to publish the result for all the world to appreciate! See you there!