Can we share a secret? When we decided to add the erotic art exhibitions to the already rich offer of Sadistique, the fantastic BDSM party we have been organizing since 2005 in Milan, we thought it would be just a brief experiment. In fact, after 29 shows the “experiment” is running stronger and stronger, showing no sign of wanting to die down. Try clicking the above link, and see the incredible list of artists the club hosted so far!

For the February 2nd edition the appointment is with a classically trained maestro, whose works are so explicit that we had a hard time finding one we could show on social networks. He is Léon Gomez (or Leon Aiki, as you can find him in the lewdest corners of the Web), the surname notwithstanding he is French, and he now lives in London anyway. For several years now he decided not to appear in art galleries anymore, preferring the anonymous shadows of the Net; in other words, this is going to be a truly unique opportunity to appreciate his works in a large format!