Erotic art can take countless forms, like the ironic and elegant one by Madame Dabi, the headliner for the exhibition to take place during the BDSM party Sadistique in Milan, on February 3rd. Behind the pseudonym hides young artist Amalia Russiello, who builds every work around fiercely independent female figures fully in control of their sexuality, even when they choose the submissive role. The gracefulness of her pastels earned her an audience composed mostly of women, who see themselves in the message and gather in Madame’s virtual boudoir. It is not by accident if the charming Boudoir Art from the Twenties and Thirties is the main source of inspiration for such elegant and arousing scenes, where female bodies and desires are exalted without any pointless shame. The artist will be present to meet the public, and to unveil new digital and physical works for the enjoyment of the most refined collectors.